Grady James' Story

Age: 4-years-old

State or Country: United States

Date of Diagnosis: April 2021

What is the hardest part of your day? Seeing how much of a challenge that basic functions are for Grady, and his frustrations with trying to express himself and communicate with us. There is always a worry in the back of of our minds that something is going to happen - a seizure, a fall, something that will set him back in his progress. 

What does your child struggle with? A little bit of everything - daily tasks that people take for granted like standing, walking, using utensils, moving his body from place to place, and speaking are all difficult for him. 

What brings your child joy? Grady LOVES people and faces, he is incredibly social. He enjoys music, water, swinging and parks, and anything sensory related. He particularly likes to follow around his big brother and tries to be involved in whatever it is that he is doing.  He is the happiest, most loving child who almost always has a smile on his face and energy to go around!

What do you hope for your child? We hope that one day he will not just walk, but RUN around! We hope that he will engage in normal activities, talk, be able to keep up with his older brother, and live an independent life someday. We hope for him to continue educating so many others on the simple joys in life and not taking what you have for granted.