Mavi's Story

Age: 3-years-old

State or Country: Turkey

Date of Diagnosis: 2021

What is the hardest part of your day? The whole day is very fun with Mavi, but meal times can be a bit stressful. Mavi has never been a child with a big appetite. 

What does your child struggle with? Mavi has a delay in walking and speaking. She has been receiving physiotherapy, play therapy, and speech therapy since she was one years old. Currently, she walks without support, but she walks slowly due to anxiety and balance problems. She can't speak at the moment, but she communicates to us with signs and body language, participates in conversations, and expresses her wishes.

What brings your child joy? Mavi enjoys dancing, playing in the park, being outside or having guests in the house. Since she is an active child, she finds hobbies where she can climb.

What do you hope for your child? Mavi is a very hardworking and ambitious girl. If she has learned something new, she tries it over and over again until she does it right. I think and hope she will catch up to her peers.